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Educational Opportunities

Palisades Search & Rescue Dog Association, Inc., is dedicated to educating the public about how to stay safe in the woods. We are happy to visit your organization and give a presentation that was written by The National Association of Park Rangers.

We can also provide demonstrations with our K9 teams, teach map & compass skills and what is involved in being on a search team. This presentation could be tailored to any age group.

This program is appropriate for ages 3 to 13. The program is called "Lost, but Found Safe and Sound." It follows the actions and thinking of 7-year-old Kelly, who sets out on a long-awaited hike on a beautiful day in the woods with her parents and brother. She runs ahead, gets separated from the rest of the family and becomes lost. The next morning she is found safe and sound by Leni the search dog and his handlers, Brooke Holt and Marion Hardy. Although she is cold, Kelly is just fine because she remembered what to do after a presentation by a park ranger at her school.
Please contact Pat or Spring Pittore email Pat to make arrangements for a demonstration.

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